Withdrawals And Payouts

Payments made to you are available at the time when period of refund expires as specified in the Terms. Generally a deposit of 25% is required to confirm booking. This amount is available for withdrawal to your bank after Huyai exercises its commission. Any remainder is held until the refund period lapses.

Example: If John Doe books a $1000 safari and decides to pay all the required amount. 90 days before the safari begins, only $250 becomes available. On day 60 prior, the other $250 becomes available. On 30 days to the tour, the last $500 become available.

Instant Payouts

Partners who have established a good reputation with Huyai may be allowed to instantly access payments. This is at the discretion of Huyai Inc.

Payout Methods

Money can be send to you from Huyai upon request or through scheduled automatic withdrawals. Below are the methods we support for African Operators.


Withdrawals to your Paypal Account are FREE

Bank Deposit

If you already use DPO as a merchant, we are able to send money to your bank for free using Mesh. Learn More

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers are available for amounts above $1000. The charges per transaction are $20